Holiday experience depends a lot of how fulfilled was your expectations including the expectations about the place you decided to stay. The same held true for its location. It’s absolutely clear that party monsters shouldn’t stay in quiet village surrounded by rice fields; surfers would feel lonely and bored at the foot of volcano; for yoga and meditation adepts it would be difficult to relax next to loud night-club… We are thus concerned that every customer gets the most bright experience and positive vibrations in Bali. This is why we made a list of recommendations how to choose right district for your best vacation ever!

So, if you want to…

  1. Enjoy peaceful beach, swim in the ocean and escape from a daily routine. You should stay in Amed or Chandidasa. The rare Bali shore isn’t hit by the significant waves, which are an unwelcome obstacle for your desire to refresh. You might have heard that Bali is a paradise for surfers, but the same reason it is not so welcoming for beach holidays. But this rare condition exists in remote areas on the northern-east coast! Sand or stone beaches lay in the calm crystal clean water inviting you to relax under the sun and dive underwater to explore the bottom covered with vivid coral reef which housing bright little fishes.
  2. Learn how to surf. You should stay in Seminyak or Kuta. Beaches in these districts are perfect for first steps in surfing. It is no coincidence that vast majority of surf schools are located here. Moreover, in the water you will find people on the same wavelength and could make many new friends!
  3. Go shopping. You should stay in Seminyak. As expected of the most popular tourist districts Seminyak offers to buy anything you could imagine. Trading rows of cheap trinkets located side by side with exclusive boutiques, international and local brands mixed up with the variety of handicrafts. Watch your wallet and try not to spend all your money on the very first day!
  4. Party hard. You should stay in Seminyak or Kuta. In Seminyak if it’s not the shop, then it’s restaurant or bar which is true for Kuta as well. The difference is in the average bill. If you would like to dress up and drink sunset cocktail at the beach while DJ treats you with electronic sound, better stay in Seminyak. On the other hand, if you want to drink and dance in your beach shorts and flip-flops, Kuta is the right place for you.
  5. Seafood Feast. You should stay in Jimbaran. It’s a quite calm area at the west coast of peninsula Bukit which is well-known because of fish market and restaurants. Every sunset long beach transforms to restaurants terrace with panoramic ocean view and tables standing right on the sand. Candles are lighted up, musicians roam between tables and the atmosphere is filled with romantic vibes. Here you can try delicious grilled seafood and fish dishes for reasonable price. This district is little bit remote from never sleeping Seminyak, but it’s really good for relaxing beach holiday especially with kids!
  6. Go in for sport. You should stay in Canggu. If you prefer active healthy lifestyle and the best day for you starts from jogging, Canggu is the right place! Small roads surrounded by rice fiels are perfect for jogging and bicycle rides, as well as long a beach that welcomes you for long walks and frisbee or volleyball playing. And in the middle of this paradise there is huge fitness center named Canggu Club. You’ll find there gym whit modern equipment, swimming pool, new trampoline center and many recreation options like spa, waterpark and even bowling. By the way, many our offers in this district include free entrance to Canggu Club!
  7. Go into spiritual practices. You should stay in Ubud. If you do yoga, meditate, dance Mandala, opening chakras or just stick to raw food diet, there’s no better place for you than Ubud. Ubud is remote from the ocean but on the other hand it’s located right at the foot of volcano Kentamani and surrounded by lush rice terraces. Air here is refreshing and atmosphere is peaceful, this place forces spiritual growth!